Toshiba Soundbar – the sbx4250.

We had a question this week about the new Toshiba Soundbar – the sbx4250.

I just bought a Toshiba soundbar sbx4250 i am trying to connect it to my vizio tv that is not arc compatible, from what i understand i can connect with a hdmi cable and the analog cable but what do i change the settings to on the tv and the sound bar? my direct tv comes in on hdtv1 and its wanting me to change those settings? no support from Toshiba…

Hi Rachel,

The manual was well hidden on the Toshiba site (if anyone else needs to download the toshiba sbx4250 manual it can be downloaded here.) but I tracked it down eventually!

From what I can make out you should be fine if all you are trying to do is to output audio from your tv to the soundbar. If this is the case then HDMI connected from the HDMI OUT on your TV to the audio IN on your soundbar should do the trick.

If the TV doesn’t have HDMI out then optical is your next best bet.

If you use optical then you would connect an optical cable from the optical OUT on the tv to the optical IN on the soundbar. On the soundbar you would then choose optical as the input.

Please let us know how you get on and what you think of your new soundbar!



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