Subwoofer for Yamaha 4100 Soundbar

I had a mail from Diego today (actually a week or two back it was stuck in the damn spam filter) to tell us that he now has a Yamaha subwoofer to go with his 4100. In his own words;

In the end, I got the Yamaha subwoofer YST FW150 and it works perfectly! The sound is fantastic and the bass is awsome considering its size.
It comes with a special cable which once connected to the soundbar,  makes the sub turn on and off simultaneously.
I am more than happy with this purchase becasue now there are no gaps in the sound and the sub does not require any regulation apart from the volume level. It’s so easy and simple and works wonderfully.

So for anyone wandering if its worth getting a sub – we say “Do It”!

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