I’d like to find a speaker system for my apple airport express

We had an interesting question this morning from our reader Giovanni.
Giovanni has an Apple Airport Express and was wondering which soundbar would be best to go with it.
For those of you not familiar with it the AirPort Express is Apples entry level portable wireless base-station. It allows you to network up to ten devices, play music wirelessly and to share a printer. Its a fantastic product.
The really neat thing from our point of view is that it can plug in anywhere around your house you can stream your itunes collection to it. It has a 3.5mm jack socket for connectivity.

I would suggest you go one of two ways with this;

Option 1 – Get a massive high spec soundbar to go with your TV system and make sure it also has a 3.5mm interface. You can now switch between having your TV pumping out great sound or your itunes library. This is probably my favourite option. In this case you should probably choose something like the Yamaha 4100 . This little beauty  has Masses of inputs including multiple HDMI, optical and the required 3.5mm jack. It retails at around $1700. It pushes a very crisp 120 Watts.

If your budget won’t stretch that far then Samsung HD-D450 would be a good bet. Massively loud at 280 watts its only a 2.1 system but gets great reviews and provides both the 3.5mm input that you need and also digital optical. It normally retails under $300

Option 2 – Go for a small soundbar which is portable and can be moved around the house or even with you on trips. In this case one of the most portable and cheapest at under $50 is the Dell AY511. It pushes out 20Watts and gets good reviews. This sort of bar is principally suitable for beefing up your home PC or possibly a TV in a caravan.

If you want a slightly higher spec unit but still quite small and affordable then you might want to look at the Sony SA32SE1, which retails at around 100$ and produces around 20 Watts.

Hope that helps and don’t forget to consider how big the space you have for the soundbar is and what else you might want to connect to it.

Good luck!


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