Can connect a pair of headphones to my Yamaha YSP 2200?

We had a question from Mark  this week that had me reaching for the manuals….

“Hi,   do you know if I can connect a pair of headphones to my Yamaha YSP 2200   soundbar so that only the wearer can hear the TV? Thanks!”

I don’t have access to that model of soundbar anymore so first had to download the YSP 2200 manual.
Unfortunately the answer from the manual seems to be ‘no’. There does not seem to be a aux out type socket on the unit. (If any of you out there has a 2200 and knows differently please leave a comment below!)

However – there is probably a work around.

I’m going to guess that you have attached your soundbar via HDMI – so your TV probably has a spare 3.5mm phono out jack on the side. You should be able to connect headphones to this and leave the soundbar turned off.
You can then either use wired headphones or possibly a wireless headphones. You might want to take a look at something like the Koolertron (Dodgey name….) from Rapoo which gets good reviews on both sides of the pond.
rapoo wireless speakers




Leave a comment below and let us know how you get on!

Have a good one,

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